Elections Solicitation

It's that time of year!  Time to start thinking about next year.  We are currently accepting nominations (peer and/or self) for next year's Board of Directors.  The following positions, with position descriptions from the bylaws, up for election this year:

President Elect

In the absence of and at the discretion of the President, the President-Elect shall represent the President. Being elected to this position carries a three-year commitment to the chapter. The President Elect shall assist the President the first year of the President Elect's term, be President the second year, and serve as immediate Past President the third year. In the event of vacancy in the office of President for any reason, the President-Elect becomes President. The President Elect is also responsible for running the Executive steering committee and Annual Scholarship program.  The President Elect is preferred to hold a PMP certification.

VP of Administration

The Vice President of Administration shall keep and appropriately distribute the records of all business meetings of PMI-NAC and meetings of the PMI-NAC Board, coordinate and prepare the submission of the annual re-charter of PMI-NAC. It is preferred that the VP of Administration holds a current PMI certification.

VP of Communications

The Vice President of Communications shall oversee and coordinate all communication functions and distribution of chapter information internally and externally, including but not limited to electronic or physical communications and publicity functions. These functions encompass the monthly newsletter, web site, email broadcasts, electronic repositories, news releases, and other forms of communication. It is preferred that the VP of Communication holds a current PMI certification.

VP of Programs

The Vice President of Programs shall identify, define and develop programs in support of the PMI-NAC mission, objectives and needs of the chapter members. The VP of Programs shall be responsible for leadership necessary to support monthly chapter meetings, including meeting logistics, content and recruitment of speakers. The VP of Programs shall hold primary responsibility for the annual PMI-NAC Awards Program and Professional Development Day. It is preferred that the VP of Programs holds a current PMI certification.

VP of Volunteers

The Vice President of Volunteers shall manage the identification and coordination of volunteer opportunities, education and training for volunteer involvement and recognition of volunteer achievements. The VP of Volunteers shall recommend to the board a PMI-NAC Volunteer of the Year to be recognized at the annual Awards program. It is preferred that the VP of Volunteers holds a current PMI certification.

If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else for any of these positions, you may send your resume, headshot, and short blurb to the the Nominations Committee, or apply online at VRMS and search for PMI-NAC open positions.

We are still seeking a couple of general members to serve on the nominations committee to review and approve nominations based on our bylaw requirements and oversee the elections process.  Please contact the President Elect if you are interested.