Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consist of eleven officers who make up the executive management of the Chapter.  Nine officers are elected annually whereas the President and Past President assume the subsequent position in the president's sequence (President Elect, President, Past President). The Chapter President serves as the Chief Executive Officer.

Additional directors may be appointed by the President as non-voting board members.

Further information about the structure, rules, and operating requirements for the Chapter may be found in the current Bylaws

Past President

Stacey Kelley

Jacobs Technology


C. Bowden, III

T&W Operations Inc

President Elect

Sharon Gresham

US Army

VP of Communications 

Thai Hoang

T&W Operations, Inc.

VP of Finance

Robert Forman

T&W Operations

VP of Marketing

John Briggs

System Studies & Simulation, Inc.

VP of Membership

Bernard Avenatti


VP of Professional Development

Gregg Dellert

Yulista Aviation Inc.

VP of Programs

Joseph Paschall

nLogic, LLC

VP of Volunteers

Destiny Greene

United Healthcare